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Zuiweta's Blog & News

New Book Release (2022)

Join my mailing list today to be the first to know when any of my books are set to release or to pre-order your book to get a copy in advance. My new book, Beyond Our Imperfections is set to release soon. Through my mailing list you will be notified of any promotions, book signings, and tasty free giveways you don't want to miss! Join here or follow me on facebook @Shad'e Zuiweta and message me your email. I promise you my luvs, your girl's spam-free. 

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Book event

I want to send a special thanks to each and every person who came out to support me whether it was to buy my books, purchase one of my handmade Author Jewelry or just a signing. It was a success!

National Author’s Day

Today is National book lover's day! All Authors celebrate! Download a free sample of my books, Adulterous Sins & A Daughter Betrayed on Amazon. Other participating stores to buy these books to name a few online are Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Google play.

Celebration Time!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is getting their fireworks on for tomorrow's 4th of July while being safe in the process. While we feast with family & friends, let's also pay tribute and oh yes! Snag a book when cozy and tucked in bed.

Adulterous Sins

Adulterous Sins has been released, and is no longer on Amazon or any other store for pre-order.
Congrats to the first three people who pre-ordered my book and will receive an Amazon gift card or my next book for free!

Purchase the book today on kindle or from your mobile device..


Adulterous Sins

Adulterous Sins is now Available for pre-order in Kindle version in select online store, Amazon.com/ more stores to come soon...

SNAG YOUR COPY for release on March 5, 2021.
This sexually charged thriller/suspense novel is for all my lovers of the genre and will keep you wanting more!
Paper back version coming soon so stay tuned....

Love at First Mud

Love at First Mud is now available for purchase on Amazon. com! Grab your copy today for only $0.99!


Let us all stay safe through these trying times of Covid-19. Keep practicing social distancing!