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Zuiweta's Works

A Daughter Betrayed (2019) Novella Suspense

A gripping, painful story of one woman's story of child abuse and survival. Inspired by true events. Available on Amazon.com and other online stores.

A Daughter Betrayed (2019) Novella  Suspense

Adulterous Sins (2021) Novel Suspense/Thriller

12-year-old Naomi Carver wants nothing more than to spend time with her father, local Tennessee prosecutor Sterling Thomas. It can never be. Naomi is the product of Sterling's affair with her mother Jezebel, a woman with an unsavoury reputation in their small town, and her father wants little to do with her. When Jezebel and Sterling are one day confronted by his wife, Eileena, a fight ensues, and hell breaks loose. Naomi witnesses the whole thing. Jezebel's funeral is a circus for an angry mob, and there is someone else there: a mysterious man vowing revenge for the crimes of the whore, Jezebel.



Naomi is raised by her wise, God-fearing grandmother Mama Kay. When her boyfriend Luke Sins moves away, with the stigma of her family over her, she has no one else but Mama Kay and her best friend Asia. After ten years have passed, Naomi is still traumatized, deals with the pain through her love for ballet dancing, and leads an unfulfilling life of tawdry one-night stands, as she works in her grandmother's florist. Then, one day a face from the past emerges.

Adulterous Sins (2021) Novel Suspense/Thriller